advalup support your business development

Business development, Supply Chain activities and industrial maturity

All these different examples are not exhaustive, but conclude different needs to improve the maturity of your company.

We offer expertise support thanks to ASAF methodology:

Assessment pictogram for situation evaluation - dashboard

Analyse of your needs and preparation of the mission.

Agreement of cooperation - hand checking

Support mission in your premise

Monitoring information with KPI and decision to continue additional consulting activities

Follow-up activities and assessment of the improvement.

Block note with final report

An official report confirming all agreed recommandations

What we propose

Different advantages to work with advalup:
Senior expertise
international experience
professional methodology
market and technology knowledge
  • Business development, company corporate presentation, commercial proposal, applicable requirements with professional methodologies.
  • Supply Chain improvement for efficiency including organisation, rules definition, strategic sourcing, supplier relationships, supplier selection and evaluation, surveillance, RFI/RFP processes, KPI, double sourcing, co-engineering…
  • Global industrial maturity exercise done in accordance with the Supply Chain Management Handbook (SCMH) and EN 9100:2016.
  • Project management largely used in different industries and aligned with customer supply chain organisation.
Thierry GARDET, advalUP founder, benefited huge industrial experiences in aeronautic, space and defence.

The advalUP team is composed by senior experts chosen for dedicated missions in line with their professional background. The adaptation to the customer needs is done with a pragmatism and efficiency approach, in a collaborative mode.

Thierry Gardet photography
Thierry GARDET – Founder
Advalup is member of Aerospace Valley