Partnership with Hibiki Starts – ヒビキカンファレンスプレス

Press Conference

You will find hereafter the main information on our cooperation and support with a Japanese Company Hibiki with interesting information and Japanese communication thru TV and Newspaper.


Press Conference photography in Shimonoseki prefecture announcing our contract.
Press Conference in Shimonoseki Hall for announcing Hibiki and advalUP partnership

A partnership contract has been signed mid of July between both companies, Hibiki Seiki (Japan) and AdvalUP (France). The main mission and objective are to develop Hibiki oversea businesses in Space, Aerospace and Semiconductor equipment manufacturer market. Thierry Gardet, advalUP President proposed to work in customer premises for meeting the team, discover their processes and methodologies.

Hibiki Management, Mr. Eiji Matsuyama-san, President, Mr. Isao Matsuyama-san, Executive Director and Mr. Yousuke Akiyama, Sales Division Director prepared a conference event in Shimonoseki Hall (Yamaguchi Prefecture) for announcing our contract for coming period. This is a very important way forward for advalup for international development. This recognition from our Japanese customer is an important signal on our professionalism and experience. advalup has an important heritage from Thierry Gardet’s international experiences in Airbus Defence and Space, as responsible of “Strategy and Sourcing”. He was involved in a lot of different worldwide mission: Support if sales team in sales campaign, Recommendation to strategy team, support of new program development in industrial organisation by selecting adapted company, selection of suppliers, knowledge of industrial capabilities for space (satellites, constellation, launcher, ISS, Orion,…) aerospace in numerous countries (82), sourcing activities, international cooperation at group level, engineering and project help,…

Photography of newspaper announcement for industrial cooperation contract.

Hibiki Seiki requested advalup to visit its company premises and meet their team. advalup, in the objective to reinforce the knowledge of the company, proposed the following schedule of one week work:

  • OEM assessment simulation for being prepared to a future aerospace customer
  • Industrial maturity exercise after Hibiki Seiki self-assessment vs IAQG rules
  • Review of oversea commercial strategy
  • Update of corporate company presentation according to main information obtained during these days
  • The update of Hibiki Seiki Website will soon be done for being aligned with all work and with Corporate company presentation.
Several meeting and visit of Hibiki premises during the week of their industrial capabilities and competencies evaluation.
Manufacturing visit with all supporting team
Photography of workshop done with Hibiki team during industrial maturity evaluation.
Workshop with all Hibiki Management Team

After 5 days of work, advalup confirmed a very important level of competencies and strength for oversea development. These discussion helped advalup to well know this customer :

  • JISQ 9100 certified
  • High precision detailed parts for JAXA (Japanese Space Agency)
  • High volume capacities. Last year the growth of company was 70% due to semiconductor market by ONLY increasing the workforce by 10% due to automatic machining center
  • Continued investment in machine and premises (3rd building opened in 2020) => available capacity for new orders.
  • OTD=100%
  • 2 shifts from Monday morning to Saturday midday
  • Young, engaged and qualified team
  • ICT and paperless operation, with complete transparency to the customer (connection of both ERP, customer and Hibiki ones)
  • In-live Vision of all manufacturing lot
  • OQD=99,9% with only minor NCR and systematic customer involvement
  • Various award from their semiconductor customers (Hitachi, Nuflare)
  • Supply chain stable with unchanged number of suppliers: annual evaluation done and follow-up.
  • Reinforcement of commercial team with an additional experimented commercial
  • Selection of advalup as consulting support company

This partnership well started by last week a formal participation to International Astronautical Conference in Paris on JAXA (Japanese Space Agency) booth. We had a lot of promising meeting and we hope we will be able to make announcement by end of the year.

Hereafter, you will find a TV News presenting this agreement between our both companies:

Cela Commence – セラ・コマンス

Official NHK TV Partnership start announcement

Advalup wants to thank Hibiki management and all the team for their welcome and professional cooperation. We did a great preparation job for the future of Hibiki and advalup is confident the oversea business will be developped with the effort of everyone.

Hibiki team around me as during all 5 days. Thanks to all.

Please do not hesitate to write me Thierry Gardet.

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