Supply Chain Support Contract with Airbus OneWeb Satellites

Hand-checked between Mr Limouzin, Airbus CEO and MR. Gardet advalup CEO
Contract signature with Mr. Guy LIMOUZIN, President of Airbus OneWeb Satellites France

Advalup is pleased to announce that it has been selected by the well-known satellite constellation manufacturer Airbus OneWeb satellites to support supply chain strategic sourcing activities for flight equipment. Advalup is honoured to contribute to this additional need and demonstrate our ability to evolve in space business market with entrepreneurial and professional approach. This is an important step forward for Advalup development in supply chain support, business development, business intelligence and consultancy activities in space and aerospace market.

Airbus OneWeb satellites is a state-of-the art manufacturer of low orbit ultra-high-performance satellites that provide affordable internet access globally. Airbus OneWeb Satellites is pioneering new value propositions in space by leading the design and manufacturing of its fleet of satellites.

Airbus OneWeb Satellites is a joint venture between two industry leaders- Airbus, a global leader in aerospace, and OneWeb, a company with a mission to connect the unconnected through a constellation of 648 Low Earth Orbit satellites.

Airbus OneWeb Satellites stands above through their ability to continuously iterate on the design of satellite, as well as to launch new satellites faster than ever before. Their mission is to manufacture low-cost, ultra-high performing satellites at high volume with a unique position to significantly impact the space industry by investing in core capabilities for spacecraft production.

Advalup, a very new consulting company, is specialized in different activities for supporting their customers in aerospace and other markets, always with senior engineers. The business development of their customers is the main priority by knowing their products and understanding their processes and strengths. This information is obtained during specific dedicated meeting in customer premises by analysing their industrial maturity. According to these results and a specific market analysis, advalup with their customer, analysed the business development possibilities and define the associated strategy. The different marketing support (company presentation, website content, social network communication) are reviewed and improved if needed. Additionally, advalup proposes to foreign customers the possibility to be their European representative.

Advalup also support its customer for supply Chain activities, organisation, processes. Advalup is specialized in strategic sourcing such as RFI/RFP processes, analysis of proposal, sourcing, and back-up solution.

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