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Advalup is pleased to announce its collaboration with CompPair Technologies, suppliers of prepregs enabling an ultra-fast in situ repair for composite structures. Advalup will support and contribute to CompPair’s growth in the aerospace sector, demonstrating its ability to evolve in the space and aerospace markets with an entrepreneurial and professional approach.

CompPair Technologies is a world-class composite expert, providing the first healable and sustainable composite material, a ground-breaking innovation in the field of self-healing composites. Made with CompPair’s prepregs, HealTechTM, composite structures can heal damage on site in 1 minute.

CompPair has launched two composite systems within its first product family, HealTechTM. The product family offers prepregs that are compatible with standard manufacturing processes. They are available with various reinforcements, including natural fibres. The two composite systems, CS01 and CS02, offer different benefits and properties. CS01 is a toughened prepreg, adapted to the space, aeronautical, and industrial sectors. CS01 works well with Autoclave and OOA processes.


Advalup, a consulting company, is specialized in different activities for supporting their customers in aerospace and space markets, and developing sustainability, always with senior engineers with a fruitfull collaboration. The business development of their customers is the main priority by knowing their products and understanding their processes and strengths. This information is obtained during specific meetings in customer premises by analysing their industrial maturity. According to these results and specific market analysis, advalup with their customers analysed the business development possibilities and define the associated strategy. The different marketing support (company presentation, website content, social network communication) are reviewed and improved if needed. Additionally, advalup proposes to foreign customers the possibility to be their European representative.

advalup works with international customers in the following countries: Japan, Australia, Italy, Greece, France, Switzerland, Canada, USA.

Advalup also supports its customers for supply chain activities and organization processes. Advalup is specialized in strategic sourcing and RFI/RFP processes, analysis of proposals, sourcing, and backup solutions.

advalup will participate netx week to Paris Air Show and contact us at


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