Aerospace Ramp-up Support

Advalup, a new consulting company, created in 2022, is supporting aerospace and space businesses for increasing business development activities and opportunities, proposing market study for sourcing or potential customer, preparing our customers to be evaluated by OEM according to generic rules and proposing supply chain support in generic process or in customer premises for specific program.

The number of our worldwide customer is important and we are supporting numerous companies in Japan, Australia, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, France, Estonia, working in aerospace or/and space business. The important advalup market knowledge helps the identification of potential opportunities and supports our customer’ strategy for business development, diversification or sourcing possibilities in case of subcontracting need. advalup already supported different companies in these axes with important results.

One of advalup strategy axes, is the support of OEM for being able to positively answer to aerospace ramp-up by proposing available capacities in a short period with a high technical capabilities, associated with the needed certifications (ISO 9001, EN/AS/JISQ 9100).

Following continuous major OEM aircraft ramp-up, the aerospace supply chain is suffering. Airbus is increasing the number of A320 aircraft to 75 per month in two years. This increase is a real difficulty for all actors of the supply chain. What are the main difficulties ?

  • Insufficient Industrial capacity and delay for totally answering to the new monthly rate.
  • Disruption in raw material.
  • Labor shortage.
  • Rapid new investment needed for increasing its industrial capacity.
  • Productivity restoration after pandemic period.
  • Maintain a competitive operational activities (Energy price increase, inflation,…).

Some solution already exists for helping your activities, particularly with our Japanese customer Hibiki Seiki, based in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

  • Immediate available capacity (20%). In 2022, Hibiki manufactured 173,800 parts for hi-tech (semiconductor equipment manufacturer), space activities for JAXA (Launcher, satellite equipment).
  • Available 3000 sqm building for additional machine. (See the building photography at the end of the post)
  • JISQ 9100 certified
  • OTD=OQD=100%
  • Important machining park (>64 machines)
  • All equipment are IOT connected
  • Customer ERP could be connected to Hibiki ERP (Complete transparency on the purchase Order schedule)
  • Very small inflation, Interesting value of JPY vs Euro and Dollar supporting the competitiveness of your activities and attractivities.

Hibiki will participate to the next Nagoya Aeromart, from 26th to 28th of September.

Its management will enjoy to meet you during this exhibition for presenting Hibiki capabilities and capacities.

If you have not the possibility to participate to this event, pleased do not hesitate to contact us for giving you a rapid answer and associated support.

Third Manufacturing Building with 3000 sqm available capacity

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