Aeronautical or space expert, soon or already retired ? Freelance with Advalup !

Soon or just retired but active as freelance at your own pace

Advalup, an innovative consulting company, continues to strengthen its presence in the market by seeking to expand its team with senior and experienced freelance senior consultants. With extensive experience and excellent knowledge of the market and technology, our consultants bring immediate efficiency to the projects on which they work.

We are constantly looking for talented people to join our dynamic freelance team, to offer our clients tailor-made solutions that meet their most complex challenges. As a consultant at advalup, you will have the opportunity to work on varied and stimulating projects, develop your skills and share your knowledge within a team of dedicated professionals.

Search for experienced talents

If you have the ambition to continue to have an equally interesting professional activity, send us your resume and a cover letter to the following address: This is a unique opportunity to become a freelancer supporting our company that values the expertise and commitment of its consultants, respecting their own rhythms.

Cooperate with Advalup and actively contribute to the success of our clients while taking your career to the next level. We can’t wait to see what you can bring to our team.

Advantages of working as a freelancer

Freelancing offers many benefits, especially for retirees who are experts in the aviation and space industry and are looking for flexibility, independence and exciting new challenges. Here are a Autonomy and Independence in Freelance.

Autonomy and Independence in Freelance

As a freelancer, you have complete control over the management of your retirement time and your projects. This means that you can select missions that not only match your expertise but also your own schedule and personal commitments. You decide when and where to work, thus offering great autonomy in the management of your professional life.

Passion and Commitment

Many professionals find a new passion by tackling various freelance projects. After a successful career, freelancing can provide you with a advalup opportunity to continue working on projects that excite you and keep you engaged in the latest advancements in your industry. Few more reasons why considering freelancing with advalup could be a great opportunity:

Continuous Development

Retirement does not necessarily mean the end of learning or professional development. Freelancing can be a way to learn new skills, explore new technologies and methods in aeronautics and space, and adapt to a constantly evolving and very tight recruitment market.

Significant Contribution

Your skills and expertise acquired over the years are invaluable to the sector, and the freelance approach gives you the opportunity to continue to contribute meaningfully. Companies are looking to benefit from your experience to solve complex problems and carry out critical projects with a very rapid deployment.

Personal development

The flexibility of freelance work also allows you to find a perfect balance between professional life and other aspects of life. You have more time for your hobbies, family and travel while maintaining an active presence in your area of expertise.

Financial Security

In addition to your retirement pension, freelancing can secure your financial situation by offering you an additional source of income. This can allow you to live more comfortably and pursue personal projects that may have been out of reach during your full-time career.

For all these reasons, advalup is not only a platform but a catalyst for a vibrant community of professionals who have devoted decades to the aeronautics and space sector. We truly understand that retirees have an abundance of expertise and a wealth of experience that can significantly contribute to the growth and innovation of today’s industry challenges.

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advalup is dedicated to elevating this untapped potential by providing retirees with personalized support that recognizes the importance of their past work and helps to shape their future endeavors. By becoming a part of our network, retirees can discover missions that resonate with their passions and allow them to continue making impactful contributions to the field they have always been passionate about.

By joining advalup, retirees not only stay connected to the industry they love but also continue to play an active role in shaping its future.

To embark on this enriching journey and to avail yourself of the opportunities that await, we warmly invite you to become part of our network. Please send your resume along with a cover letter detailing your professional aspirations to It will be the first step towards continuing your professional journey in a meaningful and fulfilling way. Join us, and let’s navigate the exciting opportunities together in this new chapter of your career.