Sustainability increase for aerospace and space

Need to protect the Earth by developing more sustainable processes and technologies.

This past week has been a pivotal one for advalup as it continues to expand and strengthen its business operations. In the heart of the Toulouse region, known for its rich aerospace heritage, advalup has conducted a series of seven significant meetings with leading entities in the aerospace and space sectors.


These engagements are much more than routine business encounters; they are strategic discussions focused on the advancing technologies and products that advalup proposes to its clients. The offerings in question are specifically designed to enhance sustainability within these hi-tech industries, reflecting a conscious effort to align with global environmental objectives.

Efficiency and environment impact

The conversations revolved around cutting-edge products and flight equipment that promise to redefine industry benchmarks for efficiency and environmental impact. Through innovation and commitment, advalup’s solutions aim to contribute towards creating a more sustainable future in space exploration and aviation.

Given the critical challenges faced by the planet, such steps are not only encouraging but essential. The focus on sustainability signals a significant shift in how the aerospace sector approaches design, manufacturing, and operations. For advalup, these meetings could represent a substantial leap forward in its quest to be at the forefront of sustainable solutions in the aerospace and space industries.

Adapted Methodology

The strategy outlined emphasizes advalup‘scommitment to its foundational methodology, an approach that they consider integral to their identity. As they move forward, there’s a firm belief that this core principle will not only remain steadfast but will also attract a broader clientele. The company’s alignment with its own DNA suggests a deep understanding of their market position and an unwavering dedication to their unique selling propositions. Advalup likely forecasts that by sticking to what they excel at and continually refining their methods, they will appeal to an expanding segment of customers who are looking for the specific expertise and value Advalup offers. This anticipation of growth and increased interest from the market supports the company’s confidence in its strategic direction for the foreseeable future.

Sustainable technology for space: HPS GmbH

The first customer supported by advalup is HPS GmbH. This German SME has developed, under ESA contract, a satellite deorbit subsystem. Probably you know more and more satellites are in LEO orbit altitude with numerous constellations, and space debris are increasing. If nothing is done, the space environment could become inaccessible in the future. That is why ESA and European Space decided in Sevilla to write the “Zero Debris Charter” towards a safe and sustainable space environment. The ADEO subsystem is a scalable drag augmentation device that uses the residual Earth atmosphere present in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to passively de-orbit satellites of sizes between 1 to 2000 kg. For the de-orbit manoeuvre, a large surface is deployed which significantly multiplies the drag effect of the satellite’s surface: The drag force is increased, causing an accelerated decay in the orbit altitude. What is advantageous about a drag augmentation device is that it does not require any active steering and can be designed for passive attitude stabilization, thereby making it also applicable for non-operational, and tumbling spacecraft. The passive ADEO subsystem requires neither extra propulsion nor an engine, which adds the advantage of making it lighter than any active subsystem.

One major advantage is the completely passive deorbiting without GNC within 5 years to be compliant with new deorbit regulations. The new issue of LOS (Loi sur les opérations spatiales) from CNES will reinforce the need to use the ADEO subsystem for space missions. Sustainability is no longer an option for space.

Healable and sustainable composite: CompPair

The second customer supported by advalup is CompPair. The innovative approach taken by CompPair, a company supported by advalup, is transforming the landscape of the composite materials industry. They are pioneering the development of self-healing composites through their breakthrough HealTech resin technology. What makes this innovation particularly compelling is its ability to enable ultra-fast and straightforward repairs for various types of damage in composite structures and components. With this technology, the traditional method of applying patches to damaged areas becomes obsolete, as it allows for the damaged composite to recover its original mechanical properties swiftly.

This leap forward in composite repair technology significantly reduces Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) tasks and overall maintenance activities. As a result, not only is the product’s durability enhanced by diminishing the frequency of required maintenance, but it also becomes environmentally and economically beneficial by reducing the use of extra materials and cutting down on labor-intensive repair work.

One of the most remarkable features of CompPair‘s HealTech resin is its ability to be repaired multiple times. In fact, damaged areas can be mended more than 60 times, regaining their initial mechanical characteristics with each repair. This repetitive recovery capability is unprecedented in the field of composite materials and serves as a testament to the sustainability and longevity that CompPair‘s technologies bring to the table.

From aerospace to automotive, sporting goods to infrastructure, the potential applications for this self-healing technology are vast. CompPair is effectively setting a new standard for the performance and sustainability of composite materials, driving the industry towards a future where materials are not only strong and lightweight but also self-sufficient and endlessly resilient.

  • 72% lifetime cost reduction.
  • 400x faster repair.
  • 100% regeneration of impacts and fatigue.
  • +30% crack resistance. => Better durability
  • +60 regeneration/repair cycles.
  • Product compatibility with all existing prepreg processes.


Environmental sustainability is increasingly becoming a non-negotiable aspect for businesses and individuals alike. Recognizing its importance is the first step towards integrating eco-friendly practices into our day-to-day operations and long-term strategies. To that end, if the concept of sustainability is new to you, or if you’re looking to enhance your existing strategy, more detailed information might be required to align your objectives with sustainable practices effectively.

If you find you need a deeper understanding of how these initiatives can be customized to suit your specific needs, we are more than willing to assist. Our team is readily available to discuss how our sustainable solutions can align with your company’s values and operations. A dedicated meeting can be organized to address any questions or concerns you might have, providing you with a comprehensive view of how sustainability can be seamlessly incorporated into your business model.

Sustainability: our strategy

Advalup is your ideal partner in this journey, committed to ensuring that your company’s sustainability strategy is not only conceptualized but also successfully implemented. With our expertise and support, your organization can meet its environmental objectives while also benefiting from the added value that comes with being an environmentally conscious entity.

To forge ahead with your company’s sustainability endeavors or to set up a consultation to tailor a strategy that fits your unique requirements, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Through our collaboration, we can achieve meaningful progress towards a sustainable future.

Additional expertise

Advalup, a notable player in the aeronautic, space, and defense sectors, not only brings to the table its prowess in business development but also extends a variety of additional support services that cater to the intricate demands of these industries. With an understanding of the criticality that supply chain management holds in these sectors, Advalup ensures that businesses can navigate the complexities of supply chain logistics, thus enabling smoother operations and optimized production cycles.

Their expertise doesn’t end there; recognizing the importance of industrial maturity, Advalup assists organizations in reaching their full production potential while maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency. This involves a comprehensive approach that identifies areas of improvement and implements robust systems that standardize excellence throughout the production processes.

In-house senior consulting activity

In instances where companies face immediate and critical challenges, Advalup demonstrates an impressive level of agility by providing in-situ consultant support. This rapid response capability means that senior consultants with specific expertise can be deployed on short notice to tackle pressing issues head-on, thereby minimizing downtime and mitigating potential hurdles that could adversely affect the business.

As industries in aerospace and defense continue to evolve with advancing technologies and increasing global demand, partnerships with senior experts such as Advalup can be a defining factor in a company’s ability to thrive amidst competition and market fluctuations. Their multifaceted support system illustrates a commitment to not just consulting but also to facilitating sustainable growth and operational excellence in these high-stake fields.

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