Industrial maturity and business development strategy

A complete maturity exercise of the company is done. This evaluation could be delegated to advalUP or done by our customer.

All results are discussed with your team and we accordingly propose improvement actions.

We use a maturity matrix based on different requirement for this evaluation and define together the main axis which need to be improved.

This activity is very important and request an important support of your team.

Example of SCMH (Supply Chain Maturity Handbook) for different level of professionalism
Spider graph with eleven analyzed domains analysed during advalup review with customer support

Supply Chain Management

These different activities could be managed to align your strategic procurement approach with your business objectives.

The effectiveness and the performance should be improved with adapted process modification.

The respect of the needed On-Quality Delivery (OQD), On-Time Delivery (OTD) and On-Cost-Delivery (OCD) for your customer satisfaction is primordial for demonstrating your company professionalism.

The following subjects are presented and implemented in your company within an integrated team following complete diagnostic.

  • Supply chain function and industrial positioning,
  • Main challenges,
  • Objectives, competitiveness,
  • Sourcing interest,
  • Main key roles in supply chain,
  • Logistic
  • Existing tools,…

Main input of supply chain
Sourcing activities

  • Internal and external customer request.
  • Supplier market.
  • Material requirements.
  • Company strategy & policy.
  • Procurement requirements.
  • Standards and regulations.
  • Supply policy
  • Commodity strategy
  • Supplier approval
  • Requirements définition
  • Knowledge and cost base management
  • Data capitalization / database
  • Risk management
  • Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Proposal evaluation and methodology
  • Supplier selection
  • Final negotiation

Quality Operation Management
Supply performance measurement & improvement

  • Contracts and changes management – Change Request/Change Notice process
  • Supplier monitoring and control
  • Supplier evaluation and audits
  • Supplier selection and anticipated assessment
  • Supplier development
  • Traceability
  • No conformity management
  • Performance measurement (KPI)
  • Lessons learnt
  • Planning improvement

Supply chain output

  • Commodity strategy
  • Material delivery on-time, on-quality and on-cost
  • Cost basis & savings
  • Quality management system and tools
  • Market intelligence​
  • Capitalisation and knowledge management
  • Supply base

Corporate presentation and strategy

advalUP benefit an huge experience on corporate company presentation. The communication is very important for developing your businesses. Sometimes key message or activities could be forgotten in the corporate support.

After a discussion on the main company activities, internal visit and exchange, advalUP propose you to work on your corporate presentation for improvement.

We also can support your company strategy definition according to our market knowledge, with its capabilities, risks and opportunities.

Quality management and project management

More and more, the industrial companies are working in a project mode through matrix organisation. Different notions could be presented and explained such as for example the Multi Functional Team (MFT).

Cost engineering – Co-engineering

Under the competition pression, the trend is to reduce the cost by keeping the best function of your product. It is why the cost engineering is very important for understanding where you can easily and internally reduce your costs without impact on final product performances.

The customer, as a new trend,  could ask you a co-engineering activity for developing ad-hoc product by challenging all requirements. This activities could be done in the frame of RFP process.